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Application industry

Products are widely used in 3C electronics, fishing gear parts, baby carriage parts, furniture parts, auto parts,
woodworking machinery,motorcycles, machinery parts, burners, photographic equipment, etc.

Have complete mold manufacturing conditions and technology
Die-casting molds can be customized according to demand
Hotline:86-769 8772 9467 Ext. 869
Product display

Passed the ISO9001 quality management system, with excellent production capacity and quality assurance ability

Three advantages of Youguo

The processing steps are refined, and each link is monitored and inspected to ensure the quality of the die-casting parts.

  • Youguo
    Strong production strength

    Long-term focus on aluminum alloy die-casting, zinc alloy die-casting, CNC numerical control precision machining, surface treatment and other consistent operations to serve customers.

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  • Die Casting Machine
    Sophisticated production equipment

    The introduction of MCV computer gongs, CNC machining centers, die-casting machines, CNC lathes, and fully automatic production equipment provides customers with high-quality die-casting parts.

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  • Japan Mitutoyo three-dimensional measuring instrument
    Strict product

    The introduction of direct-reading spectrometers, three-dimensional measuring instruments, automatic image measuring instruments and other measuring instruments to ensure product quality.

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  • Go into Youguo

    People-oriented, create high-quality products, keep improving, and make customers more satisfied

    Dongguan Youguo Die Casting Co., Ltd. was established in 1995, specializing in various zinc alloy, aluminum alloy die casting and precision machining. The company has introduced more than 20 sets of imported zinc and aluminum die-casting machines of 65T-900T, imported CNC machining centers (equipped with robots), automatic processing equipment and other precision processing equipment. The company is people-oriented and has a backbone and knowledge team with advanced technology, focusing on mold development, zinc alloy die-casting, aluminum alloy die-casting, CNC lathes, CNC drilling and tapping machines, sanding and polishing, vibration, sandblasting and other surface treatments and quality management. Combined with die-casting product design, mold development and …see more>>

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